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Re: proftpd as a service under 2003

Chris Stromsoe wrote:

> I'm having trouble getting proftpd to run as a service under 2003.  I
> read /usr/share/doc/Cyginw/openssh.README.  I used ssh-host-config to
> create an account named sshd_server.  I have ssh running fine.
> If I try to use the same account, I get the error

How did you setup proftpd as service?

>   Error starting a service: QueryServiceStatus:  win32 error 1062:
>   The service has not been started.
> Looking in the logs, I have:
>   unable to set uid to 18, current uid: 1006

And 1006 is sshd_server?  We know 18 is SYSTEM, whoever is 1006 has no
privileges to change users... and it probably shouldn't (I have in my
/etc/proftpd.conf User SYSTEM and Group None, it works fine in Win XP), if set
as service the default is being run as SYSTEM, you must have changed that but
not the proftpd configuration.

> Running /usr/sbin/proftpd from the command line gives me the same error,
> except the current uid is 500.
> The system is windows 2003 server.  cygwin is 1.5.24.
> Any ideas?

ProFtpd can be started from inetd... your choice; but there are advantages like
using tcp_wrappers.
René Berber

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