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Re: [Parallels 3.0, MacOS 10.4.9] Cygwin install probs and how do I subscribe

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
David Goldsmith wrote:
Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
Chris just sent me email to tell me that Cygwin made his machine
blue-screen and interrupted the above email.  He needs to reformat
his disk and reinstall.  For this reason, he's taking down the Cygwin
site and ending the project.  It's just not compatible with Windows.
Perhaps it's time for a new project that brings all the great Cygwin
tools to a more compatible platform like Linux.  Anybody interested
in that?
This is a joke, right? (I thought so - and a pretty funny one, I thought - but someone I forwarded it to missed the joke so I just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss that it isn't a joke.)

You're right.  I actually thought about adding smilies or a disclaimer
at the bottom but then thought that would ruin the humor.  I thought the
idea of moving Cygwin to Linux would be absurd enough that everyone would
get it.  But I suppose if you read it quick enough, the absurdity might
not sink in.  My apologies if anyone else became distraught by my attempt
at humor.
I actually knew it was a joke when you got to "Cygwin made his machine blue-screen ... He needs to reformat his disk and reinstall" and then when you added "he's taking down the Cygwin site and ending the project" I was even more certain. How could anyone believe you were serious? ;-)



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