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Re: [Parallels 3.0, MacOS 10.4.9] Cygwin install probs and how do I subscribe

Christopher Faylor wrote:
On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 09:23:03PM -0700, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
David L Goldsmith wrote:
Tim Prince wrote:
make is available on the cygwin setup selection window, as are other development packages you would need.
Generally speaking, putting cygwin stuff in your Windows environment should be avoided.
I don't understand this comment at all: isn't cygwin precisely for Windows environs? Besides, it's not my choice to use cygwin - I need to use ATLAS and the install instructions I found for that say first install cygwin. If anyone knows a better way to install ATLAS, please share.
Right click on My Computer, select Properties, Advanced then Environment Variables. There are two areas: User variables and System variables. Both can have a PATH environment variable. They are combined. The difference is that System variables are known to services which start before you log in (of course if you change these you need to reboot to rebuild the services environment which is built at boot time). I add C:\Cygwin\bin to my System variables personally.

Yep. I've been doing that for ten years now. If there was a problem with doing that, you'd think I w

Chris just sent me email to tell me that Cygwin made his machine
blue-screen and interrupted the above email.  He needs to reformat
his disk and reinstall.  For this reason, he's taking down the Cygwin
site and ending the project.  It's just not compatible with Windows.
Perhaps it's time for a new project that brings all the great Cygwin
tools to a more compatible platform like Linux.  Anybody interested
in that?

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