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Re: [Parallels 3.0, MacOS 10.4.9] Cygwin install probs and how do I subscribe

David L Goldsmith schrieb:
First, how do I subscribe to the list? (I searched & searched but all I could find appeared to subscribe new lists to GMANE, not new subscribers to existing lists.)

If you read any ANNOUNCEMENT mail to this list you will see instructions.
In detail look at this email header for "List-Subscribe:"
If you want to search at the web you will find a nice "Mailinglist" link at the website. There at the very bottom is a easily subscribe to any list you want to.

But you want to subscribe to mingw-users.

Second: I'm installing Cygwin to try to install ATLAS; I'm working from Kevin Shappard's instructions @:

These are mingw instructions. We don't want to help you here.

In his instructions, he states: "Make sure to add c:\cygwin\bin to the path and add the ntsec flag to the CYGWIN environment variable. These steps are discussed in the "Setting Up Cygwin" section of the cygwin user's guide <>." However, it is unclear to me whether he means Windows' Path (accessible through right-clicking on My Computer) or cygwin's "UNIX" PATH variable? Same question regarding ntsec and CYGWIN? (I found that the "Environment Variables" section of "Setting Up Cygwin" is also not clear on this.

If you set them in Windows they will be imported into CYGWIN.

In particular, after doing what that document suggests - set CYGWIN=tty notitle glob at a DOS prompt - I see no CYGWIN variable added to my environment variables in either Windows or in the Cygwin bash shell.)

Then your bash invocation script does not pick up your Windows environment setting set CYGWIN=tty notitle glob
When I do:
set CYGWIN=tty notitle glob
bash --login -i
printenv CYGWIN
I see this CYGWIN setting, if my profile does not overwrite it.

The other problem I'm having is that Mr. Sheppard states that after cygwin is installed and ATLAS downloaded and unpacked, it is built w/ make, but my cygwin installation does not appear to have come w/ make - am I supposed to download and build that separately?

to install via setup.exe yes, to build not. cygwin comes with precompiled binaries.

Reini Urban

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