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RE: 1.5.24: unhandled exception on cygwin setup

On 25 July 2007 19:40, Andreas Baak wrote:

>>  I suspect some kind of bad interaction with your security software
>> or something similar.  Do you have any of the following installed?
>> If not, what do you use for firewall/antivirus/antispyware/etc ?
> Hi,
> I am using Agnitum Outpost Firewall 4.0 and Avast Antivirus 4.7 Home
> Edition. I stopped both my the firewall and the antivirus software and
> then tried to run cygcheck again. Unfortunately the same errors still occur.

  Unfortunately, just stopping the firewall or AV software is not usually
enough.  The problems they cause are due to the way in which they install
drivers and dlls that hook into various places in the system.  When you
disable them, they aren't actually uninstalled from the device stack or
windows hooks and unloaded from the system, instead the control GUI generally
just sends them a command telling them to be quiet and not do anything.  In
some cases this strategy works, but in many cases the drivers or dlls are
badly coded, and they continue to make minor differences to the way the system
operates, enough to interfere with the operation of user applications.  We
have had many reports on the list of problems that didn't go away when the
AV/FW software was shutdown or deactivated through its control panel but did
vanish the instant it was uninstalled.

  So, you probably have to take your PC offline, uninstall those two apps one
at a time, and see which one needs removing to make your cygwin software work
again.  There are plenty of (often free) alternatives to both that are
compatible with cygwin, so although this is a hassle it's not impossible to
manage, and you can generally uninstall this kind of software with an option
to keep all the settings intact in case you want to reinstall it.  Another way
to make it easier on yourself would be to set a system restore point, try
uninstalling one of the items, reboot and see if cygwin works, then roll back
to the restore point, try uninstalling the other, reboot, if cygwin still
doesn't work try uninstalling both at the same time, reboot, see if that
helps, and in the end you can always get back to the starting point with both
packages installed by rolling back one final time.

  If you're fairly technically minded and happy about playing around in the
service control manager, you could try disabling the services and drivers that
they have installed, rebooting, and seeing if that fixes it, but that gets
quite complex and can be risky if you get it wrong.  Or, try booting in safe
mode, and seeing if that helps.

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