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Re: screen - doesn't call .bashrc at startup

yitzle wrote:
Under RedHat/Fedora, when screen starts up, it will execute (source)
my .bashrc file.
Under cygwin, it doesn't.
Bug? Feature request?

Disabled feature?  I don't know much about screen (never used it myself)
but looking at the man page I find:

shell command

    Set  the  command to be used to create a new shell.  This overrides the
    value of the environment variable $SHELL.  This is useful if youâd like
    to  run a tty-enhancer which is expecting to execute the program speci-
    fied in $SHELL. If the command begins with a â-â character,  the  shell
    will be started as a login-shell.

Then on my Fedora Core system '/etc/screenrc' contains:

# make the shell in every window a login shell
#shell -$SHELL

So maybe look in '/etc/screenrc' and see if there's a similar setting there
that you can enable?  Otherwise, just add it to your '~/.screenrc'.

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