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Re: 1.5.24: incorrect default behavior of dd in popen context on text-mounted filesystem

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According to Hugh Secker-Walker on 7/24/2007 9:48 AM:
> Firstly, a thank you to Eric Blake for his quick response to the dd
> problem we uncovered yesterday.  As of coreutils 6.9-4, dd honors the
> oflag=binary option in the popen() context in which I've been having
> trouble.

Before you thank me too much, remember that oflag=binary already worked
even in coreutils 6.9-3; it was the absence of any oflag= that was
incorrectly obeying mount points instead of defaulting to binary.

>   FILE * const out = popen("gzip | dd oflag=binary > popenbug.out.gz", "w");

Why not also thank cgf, who uploaded a fixed gzip yesterday?  Because of
his fix, this should now work:

popen("gzip > popenbug.out.gz", "w")

> However, in the discussion and the updated coreutils announcement

Did you not read my statement that:

[io]f= unspecified - no change to existing mode of std{in,out}

I did not change that behavior, nor did I claim to change it in 6.9-4.  I
am still open to the idea of changing it.  For 6.9-4, I only changed the
behavior for when of= but not oflag= was specified.

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