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Re: Trying to build (perl) Inline::CPP-0.25.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Brian Dessent" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 11:48 PM
Subject: Re: Trying to build (perl) Inline::CPP-0.25.

Dave Korn wrote:

That I can't say. But assuming the build uses proper dependencies in the
makefile, you should be able to workaround it by cutting and pasting that line
into your shell, replacing 'gcc' by 'g++' as you go, and once you've got past
that manually the rest of the build should run to completion.

Normally that might work but in this case it misses the point, as the whole purpose of this perl module is to dynamically invoke the C++ compiler at runtime to compile the inline C++ bits in the script. And if it's invoking the compiler wrong it makes this essentially useless as all the stuff it feeds the compiler is dynamically generated.

Yes - the makefile in question is generated on the fly. I could modify it as Dave suggested, but the next time the test script is run, the modified makefile is going to be overwritten by the same original (incorrect) makefile.

But I agree that this is a bug somewhere in the module, and is not related to Cygwin or gcc. Looking at its sources it seems to have the proper logic to use g++ for linking and/or adding -lstdc++ so I would suggest you need to contact the module's author.

Not much point. In his own words he's got "too much on his plate" to be bothered with Inline::CPP. (I don't think it has been updated since about 2001.) In fairness, he did offer me the opportunity to take over maintenance of the module. I've left my options open on that one .... ie, I haven't replied :-)

Anyway, since it's not a Cygwin issue, then it's probably not all that difficult to track down the problem if I set my mind to it.

Thanks Dave, Brian.


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