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Re: cygserver error

Lester Ingber schrieb:

:   Hmmm, one of those is a login shell, and the other is not.  That may well
: make the difference.  If you add the "-ls" option to the xterm invocation,
: does it then behave the same as when you start via cygwin.bat?

This makes no difference. I still get the reported errors.

: It isn't anything to do with X; it's to do with the way the environment is
: configured. And probably the underlying problem with your service (as
: illustrated by the two separate ways of invoking shells above) is that the
: environment isn't set right.
: : Take a look at the difference in your cygcheck output between the sshd
: config and the cygserver config; I think you need to specify CYGWIN=server in
: the environment for that particular service, not in your per-user windows
: environment.
: : So try re-running the cygrunsrv command you used to set up cygserver, and
: this time add the option "-e CYGWIN=server". See this section of the docs for
: an example:
: :

In this doc, I have followed the first prescription, setting CYGWIN
to server in my Windows environment.  (If so I shouldn't even need
to add `set CYGWIN=server` in cygwin.bat.  Isn't this correct?).

set CYGWIN=server in cygwin.bat should be enough. In your bash $ printenv CYGWIN should print: server

Therefore, I should not have to use `cygrunsrv -I foo -p /usr/sbin/foo
-e "CYGWIN=server"` Isn't this correct?  In any case I am not sure what
"service" to implement here to replace "foo"?

If you use any service which uses IPC, you must use the recommended -e "CYGWIN=server" setting. You can look through your cygwin services (cygrunsrv -L e.g.) and look if some cygwin service requires this setting (wading though the docs e.g.).
Out of my head I know by hard only sshd (optional) and PostgreSQL

cat /proc/registry/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/sshd/
=> server

cat /proc/registry/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/PostgreSQL/
=> server

I did try adding `set CYGWIN=server` in my, but I still get the
same errors.

That is an error. .sh shell files require a shell syntax, not a MSDOS command syntax. Try "export CYGWIN=server" in your -- Reini Urban

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