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Re: Emacs takes 100% CPU

Larry Hall wrote:

> Nicolas Saunier wrote:
>> Can you help me ? The problem persists on both computers, and none of
>> the applications listed here
>> are installed
>> on my computer. Could it be related to an emacs package (David Kastrup
>> referred to "Semantic") ? 
> I believe he was referring to Symantec A/V, not some specific emacs
> facility.

No, semantic.el and all the semantic-*.el it's an emacs/xemacs package used if
you set up a java developer environment (and probably other programming
languages as well).

>> How do I know which package I am using (I already sent my .emacs) ?

Without a running emacs you'll have to look for it under /usr/share/emacs.  I
have it for xemacs in diectory /usr/share/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/semantic.

> 'cygcheck -c' will list the Cygwin packages you have installed and check to
> make sure they are complete.
> As for the main problem, I don't know why you're seeing that issue.  I'd
> recommend reading and following the problem reporting guidelines found
> <> if you need more help.

What about the standard emacs procedures? i.e.:

emacs -debug-init
emacs -no-site-file
emacs -no-init-file
emacs -vanilla
Renà Berber

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