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RE: 1.5.24: data corruption problem with popen and gzip on a text mounted filesystem

On 23 July 2007 19:10, Dave Korn wrote:

>   Yeh, 'cat' is special: it absolutely guaranteed 100% always always always
> uses bin mode, regardless of mount type, stdio mode, shell
> direction/redirection/misdirection and indeed anything else at all.  

  Ho hum.  Let me correct myself:  regardless of anything except certain of
the command-line options it accepts.  JFTR, here's the man page describing the
exact rule:

"     On systems like MS-DOS that distinguish between text and binary
files, `cat' normally reads and writes in binary mode.  However, `cat'
reads in text mode if one of the options `-bensAE' is used or if `cat'
is reading from standard input and standard input is a terminal.
Similarly, `cat' writes in text mode if one of the options `-bensAE' is
used or if standard output is a terminal.  "

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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