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Re: emacs: nothing happens when launched

On 7/22/2007 8:31 AM, kev v. wrote:
I haven't run rebaseall (at least not explicitely - I'v never heard about this utility), however, I installed libncurses7 and now emacs seems to work fine. In fact, I only had libncurses8 installed on my system, not libncurses7.
Is it safe to keep both versions without compatibility problems? Anyway, it seems strange to me that setup.exe didn't detect a depency between emacs and libncurses7 when I selected the emacs package for installation.

Yes, it's safe to keep both versions. There was a recent repackaging of emacs that forgot to indicate the dependency on libncurses7. The newer experimental version (emacs 22) depends on libncurses8. If I'm not mistaken, the emacs package should require both libncurses7 and libncurses8 as long as both emacs 21 and emacs 22 remain available. I've reported this to the cygwin-apps list already.


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