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Re: Non-trusted domain user causes mkpasswd and mkgroup to fail

On 7/18/07, Matt Seitz (matseitz) wrote:
From: DePriest, Jason R.
> On 7/13/07, Matt Seitz (matseitz)  wrote:
> > "runas /netonly /user:machine2\userB" followed by "mkpasswd -d
> > machine2 -u userB":  fails
> >
> If the server is stand alone, wouldn't mkpasswd -l be more
> appropriate than mkpasswd -d?

That requires that I am able to run "mkpasswd" on the stand-alone
server.  Unfortunately, I don't have that option in this case.  If
"mkpasswd -l" allowed me to specify the name of another machine
(something like "mkpasswd -l <machine> -u <user>"), then that might be a

Matt Seitz
Manager, File System Virtualization
Cisco Systems, Inc.

I have a complicated and untested idea that may or may not work, but it is worth a shot since you aren't able to put Cygwin on the stand-alone server to get a passwd file entry.

Try using a tool like psgetsid from Sysinternal's to get the SIDs of
the users you want to access your Cygwin system, then manually build
your own entries for your /etc/passwd file.

See and

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