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Re: Emacs is coming back - all pleased?

Angelo Graziosi <> writes:

> 2)
> XEmacs comes with AUCTEX, so if one should use xemacs-emacs-common,
> WHY not adding auctex to it?
> Alternatively Emacs22 should have its own AUCTEX package.

The compilations for Emacs and XEmacs are incompatible.  In general,
sharing packages between Emacs and XEmacs makes little sense, since
the editors both expect .el files and .elc files to be in the same
directory, and the .elc files are incompatible.

So Emacs22 should have its own AUCTeX package.  In my opinion as
AUCTeX maintainer, so should XEmacs: the AUCTeX packaged with XEmacs
is utterly outdated and quite unmaintained.  The AUCTeX project
provides an up-to-date XEmacs package on its download page
<URL:>.  Due to policy
reasons (in the name of "quality assurance"), the XEmacs project will
not distribute this package actively maintained by upstream.

Anyway: it would be infeasible to share AUCTeX between both editors
(as a note aside: Debian has devised a system for sharing packages
which suffers from the problem that neither Emacs/XEmacs developers
nor Emacs/XEmacs itself properly understand it, and I have my doubts
that the Debian people in charge of it do, either), and using the old
buggy AUCTeX distributed as part of XEmacs' sumo tarball would be an
extremely bad idea, anyway.

David Kastrup

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