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Re: Unix tar file with colons in archived file names

gmoney3138 wrote:

I'm trying to get a clear answer on this one.  I have a gzipped tar file
from a customer that was originated on Unix.  Inside the tar.gz are a series
of files that look something like this:



Basically, as per their log file naming method, they used a colon to
separate hours from minutes--terrible, I know, but it's what I have to work

When the cygwin tar recognizes this, due to Windows restrictions, the output
file is not properly extracted.  I Googled around and found options for
--force-file and this
link , but I still can't get this to work properly.

I am able to get the files extracted if I use WinRAR (it converts : to _ on
extract), but I'd prefer to do this from the shell since I can automate this
more readily.  Any ideas how I can do this?

~~Thanks much~~

If you only need to access the results with Cygwin tools, you can use managed mounts. See the email archives for more discussion/details.

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