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Re: Emacs is coming back - all pleased?

Steffen Sledz wrote:

> Here is the third try of the emacs 22.1 packages.

GOOD news: Now Emacs22 (at least) starts from an X window (urxvt-X). It is
still running.

But there are other questions.

Emacs22 depend on xemacs-emacs-common which depend from xemacs: WHY to
install emacs one should install XEmacs ?

Previous version of Emacs depend on ctags and not from

This has another consequence (at least with -1 and -2): uninstalling
Emacs22 corrupts the installed ctag package (as reported from cygcheck).

XEmacs comes with AUCTEX, so if one should use xemacs-emacs-common,
WHY not adding auctex to it?

Alternatively Emacs22 should have its own AUCTEX package.

Installing Emacs22 via setup has some strange behaviour.
Selecting emacs-X11 package does not select those packages from which it
depend (emacs,...).

Beside this clicking on emacs-X11 first selects the old 21 packages then

But perhaps this will be more clear whe Emacs22 will be an official [test]
Cygwin package!.

(While I am writing Emacs22 is still running...)

Many thanks to Steffen for his heavy work!



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