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Re: tetex-tiny installation stuck at

Amir E. Aharoni wrote:
Don't be so quick to stop a postinstall script.  Several minutes is not
too long to wait for some packages.

It was not several minutes - it was many many minutes. Half an hour maybe.

Still not necessarily long enough in general, though this may not be your
issue here.

I already succeeded at installing LyX on other, much slower computer.
It was the same version of Setup.exe. The only difference was that
they ran on XP.

Sounds like you're caught by Vista. Try turning off UAC.

But I
did notice you have miktex installed as well.

How do you see it? What is the name of the package?

Sorry, old data.  Since I had to save off your cygcheck.out, rather than
just like MIME types handle converting it and presenting it to me in-line,
I somehow ended up looking at the cygcheck.out of the last person who forced
me to do the same thing. ;-)

I didn't install it myself - it must be a dependency of something.

The report i attached is from a clean install. After failing to
install LyX for several times i wiped everything and reinstalled the
packages i need, without LyX or TeX. If any TeX-related package got
there anyway, it must be a dependency.

How can i see a list of a package's dependencies? (I couldn't find in the FAQ.)

Look at your cygcheck output.

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