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Re: Permission umask problem?

Dave Korn wrote:
On 19 July 2007 13:07, Simón wrote:

Brian Dessent wrote:
Simón wrote:

I´m having a problem with the permission masks applied to my files in
cygwin. For example, if I untar a file with php files, my cygwin system
writes them as:


I can think of three things that would cause this: $CYGWIN containing
nontsec, a FAT/network volume, or having a non-Cygwin tar in the PATH.
And all three of these things would have been spotted in the cygcheck
output, so it's not like we ask for people to include this just for the
fun of it.

Ooops, sorry. Here it is.

Well, it aint #1 or #3. What's curious is:

c: hd NTFS 105175Mb 56% CP CS UN PA FC d: cd N/A N/A e: hd NTFS 93040Mb 74% CP CS UN PA FC Files
f: fd N/A N/A g: fd N/A N/A h: fd N/A N/A i: fd N/A N/A j: cd N/A N/A

... do you really have four floppy drives called F: to I:?
No Dave. That are usb ports on my tft :P.
  And, exactly *which* directory are you trying to unpack in?  And what does
"getfacl -a -d <dirname>" show you for that dir?

I´m trying to unpack it inside a dir on "My Documents". This is the getfacl output.

getfacl -a -d
# file:
# owner: simon
# group: None

Thanks for all, Simon.

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