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Re: Permission umask problem?

Hi there,

I unpacked the archive on /tmp as Dave suggested and the file permissions got respected. I´ve attached the cygcheck on a previous message.

Kind regards, Simon.

Dave Korn wrote:
On 19 July 2007 12:35, Simón wrote:

I´m having a problem with the permission masks applied to my files in
cygwin. For example, if I untar a file with php files, my cygwin system
writes them as:


If I run the same command on a Unix system the mask is:


It happens with all the files, not only php ones.

That's a relief!

 I´ve checked the umask
command, and both are the same in the 2 systems.


Any idea? Thanks in advance, Simon.

Show us an example of a command line you're using. Also check whether this is perhaps some kind of inherited windoze ACL from the directory you're unpacking in by trying it in another dir such as /tmp. If that doesn't work, let's see your cygcheck output as described at

Problem reports:


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