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Re: using external commands in vim causes fork error

nanothief wrote:

> When attempting to use an external command in vim (mainly make), I receive
> the following error:
> :make
> sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

Works fine with the distributed vim binary.

> shell returned 128
> Press ENTER or type command to continue
> E40: Can't open errorfile /tmp/v817919/0
> However if i use make from outside vim, it works perfectly. Also, if use
> :shell from within vim, almost all commands (ie ls, make, fortune, etc) fail
> from the same fork error, while only the builtin commands (echo, pwd, cd,
> etc) succeed. There is no problem running multiple bash prompts, vim windows
> or make commands simultaneously. The problem only occurs when inside vim.

Also works fine.

> I have found many references to a fork error in past discussions, but in the
> ones I found there was no solution relevant to me.
> I built vim from the sources supplied from the cygwin installer, using
> almost all the features and most of the interfaces (python, tcl, mzscheme,
> perl). The cygwin directory is on a NTFS partition. My cygwin variable is
> set to nontsec tty binmode. Finally, I have 2gb of ram, and a dual core
> intel core 2 6600 processor.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated

The CYGWIN env. var. only has nontsec different, the other 2 are the defaults
(no need to even put them)... those are the 2 differences: your build of vim,
and the nontsec, experiment with changing the later and find if your binary is
the problem.
René Berber

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