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using external commands in vim causes fork error

When attempting to use an external command in vim (mainly make), I receive
the following error:
sh: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

shell returned 128
Press ENTER or type command to continue
E40: Can't open errorfile /tmp/v817919/0

However if i use make from outside vim, it works perfectly. Also, if use
:shell from within vim, almost all commands (ie ls, make, fortune, etc) fail
from the same fork error, while only the builtin commands (echo, pwd, cd,
etc) succeed. There is no problem running multiple bash prompts, vim windows
or make commands simultaneously. The problem only occurs when inside vim.

I have found many references to a fork error in past discussions, but in the
ones I found there was no solution relevant to me.

I built vim from the sources supplied from the cygwin installer, using
almost all the features and most of the interfaces (python, tcl, mzscheme,
perl). The cygwin directory is on a NTFS partition. My cygwin variable is
set to nontsec tty binmode. Finally, I have 2gb of ram, and a dual core
intel core 2 6600 processor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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