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Using sshd on Windows 98


is it possible to use a Cygwin sshd on Windows 98 First Edition? The
machine is only used inside a abstracted network, but it is needed for
a special software, and we need SSH access to the machine.

I already set up a Cygwin environment and configured it with these options:

Set Cygwin variable:

set CYGWIN=tty
set path=C:\cygwin\bin

ssh-host-config -y

mkpasswd -l -g > /etc/passwd

Contents of file:


mkgroup -l > /etc/group

Contents of file:


cd /
chmod -R og-w .
chmod og+w /tmp
touch /var/log/sshd.log
chown system:system /var/log/sshd.log /var/empty /etc/ssh_h*
chmod 755 /var/empty

Afterwards I started sshd.exe manually inside the /usr/sbin/ directory.

Now I can connect to the machine through a SSH-client, key exchange
works well, and I get a login prompt, but I cannot login using my
username "Administrator" and the password I set using the "rights
management" in Windows 98. Login is not even possible from localhost.

Relieing to the unuseable rights management in Windows 98, is it even
possible to use Windows 98 as a SSH server?


Alfred Egger

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