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Re: Emacs takes 100% CPU

Nicolas Saunier wrote:
Nicolas Saunier <> writes:

I am using emacs under cygwin on Windows XP home and pro. After some
time (from a few seconds / minutes to hours and days), on the two
machines, emacs starts taking 100% of the CPU, and becomes
non-responsive (I have to kill it with the task manager). I thought
this might be a problem of my first old installation on the XP home
machine, but I have just encountered the same problem on the brand new
XP pro machine.

See the attached cygcheck.out (XP home machine). Do you need any other
information ?

It is some buggy package you are using and need to upgrade. I always forget its name. Semantic?

Thanks for your answer. I don't think I have such a package (in emacs you mean ?). How can I list the packages in use in emacs ? Here is my .emacs attached.

I believe the reference was to other dodgy apps that interfere with proper
operation.  A sampling can be found here:


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