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Re: hacked package on server

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Pedro Alves wrote:

> Bengt-Arne Fjellner wrote:
> > Well in my opinion It could even be better to have an unchecked checkbox
> > like:
> >
> > Wrong MD5 sum detected.
> > This package look broken. Try another mirror.
> > ( ) Yes I Really want to install this even if it looks broken.
> >
> > OK
> >
> > Or something like that. Then its two clicks or several keystrokes before
> > one can continue.
> yes, and having something like:
> are you sure <yes|no>
> (user clicks yes)
> are you really sure? <yes|no>
> (user clicks yes again)
> are you really, really sure? <yes|no>
> ... also makes it several clicks.


> The best solution, would be to replace the yes/no buttons with
> verbs/actions, like skip/'install anyway'/abort.
> I haven't looked at the code, but it is probably using
> MessageBox(Ex), which doesn't allow that.  Coding an extended messagebox
> isn't *that* hard, but, it is still work that takes motivation to do.

Yes, the code does use MessageBox.  However, there already exists, in
fact, a bit of code implementing a custom MessageBox (or, rather,
overriding the button labels) for the "Retry on in-use files"
functionality.  Interested parties should look at lines 181-217 of (which adds an MB_RETRYCONTINUE message box type).

> The second best, and quickest, would be for a patch to show up
> implementing Thorsten's suggestion that cfg pointed out.
> Until someone steps up to do the work, this discussion is just going
> to fade out and die.

That is exactly the right approach.  <>
drives the open-source world more than anything else.

So, any volunteers?  There isn't even a need to fill out a copyright
assignment for setup contributions...
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