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Re: hacked package on server

Bengt-Arne Fjellner wrote:

Well in my opinion It could even be better to have an unchecked checkbox

Wrong MD5 sum detected.
This package look broken. Try another mirror.
( ) Yes I Really want to install this even if it looks broken.


Or something like that. Then its two clicks or several keystrokes before
one can continue.

yes, and having something like:

are you sure <yes|no>

(user clicks yes)

are you really sure? <yes|no>

(user clicks yes again)

are you really, really sure? <yes|no>

... also makes it several clicks.

The best solution, would be to replace the yes/no buttons with
verbs/actions, like skip/'install anyway'/abort.
I haven't looked at the code, but it is probably using
MessageBox(Ex), which doesn't allow that.  Coding an extended messagebox
isn't *that* hard, but, it is still work that takes motivation to do.
The second best, and quickest, would be for a patch to show up
implementing Thorsten's suggestion that cfg pointed out.
Until someone steps up to do the work, this discussion is just going
to fade out and die.

Pedro Alves

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