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Re: hacked package on server

On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 03:44:51PM -0400, Brian Mathis wrote:
>Yes, everyone now has been quite hilarious on this part of the matter,
>but I think it's time to get past the arrogance and, god forbid,
>consider that a user's reported problem, oh my god, might actually be a

You did receive one response with a suggestion:

I don't see how it's productive for you to assume humor-as-arrogance and
respond to that but avoid responding to the suggestion.

>Any time there's a report of a user having a problem with an interface,
>*especially* one that's _supposedly_ so easy and obvious, why not
>address it?  Or why not AT LEAST take a thought and say to yourself,
>"if something is supposed to be so simple and obvious, and yet someone
>is having a problem with it, maybe *I* am making an assumption about
>the simplicity of it?"

Ok.  I'll bite.  Has anyone done a google search to see if anyone else
was confused by this message?  The message seems pretty clear to me and
not something that I would misinterpret.  It doesn't seem like this is
something that anyone should take a lot of time fixing if we've only
gotten one complaint.  OTOH, if more people have been confused by the
message then possibly it is something worth changing.


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