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Re: Problem after fresh Cygwin installation

On 7/16/07, Dave Korn wrote:
  Bernd, please abide by the list etiquette of not quoting people's email
addresses in the raw, as they end up on the web archive and get harvested by
spammers.  (See for justification).

Dave, thanks for the hint. I'll try to take care of this in the future, but I really think this should be done central on the mailing list server by the mailing list software that creates the list archives.

  There should be no need to go that far.  If you just re-run setup.exe,
choosing "Install from internet"  and then clicking "Next" all the way through
without altering anything, it should just update your installation and, as
part of that, it will verify the installed packages and attempt to install
anything missing.  So hopefully it'll only download anything that failed last
time, or if it downloaded ok but the install step failed last time, it'll just
re-run the install step.

  It should be much easier than redownloading the whole thing.  If for any
reason it doesn't work, you could try manually selecting the "libintl3"
package on the package chooser page to "Reinstall".

The system I'm trying to install to is on a separate lab network that has no direct internet access. I need to take a CD or USB stick containing the install packages to the target system.

Best regards,

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