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RE: Non-trusted domain user causes mkpasswd and mkgroup to fail

From: Dave Korn [] 
>   Let me repeat myself:
> >> If you aren't
> >> logged into the domain
>    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   Logging into the local machine and logging into the domain 
> are two different
> things.  When you are not logged in to the domain, it would 
> be very very wrong
> for the domain controller to send you any information about 
> the domain.[*]

Sorry, I guess I'm still not being clear.  When I did "runas /netonly
/user:machine\user" followed by "mkpasswd -d machine -u user", I was
trying to create a "passwd" entry for a user account that was local to
the server named "machine".  In other words, I was trying to access
information about the "machine\user" local user account.  I was not
trying to access information about a domain user account.

Perhaps I'm confusing things by using the example name "user" in both
cases.  Let me try restating it:

"runas /netonly /user:domain1\userA" followed by "mkpasswd -d domain1 -u
userA":  works
"runas /netonly /user:machine2\userB" followed by "mkpasswd -d machine2
-u userB":  fails

Matt Seitz
Manager, File System Virtualization
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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