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RE: rxvt question

Teggy P Veerapen wrote:
>Hi all,
>After several years of cygwin with the windows console, I am trying to
>rxvt to run cygwin bash and I am running into an issue when running
>such as sqlplus.
>I should point out that my question might not be completely related to
>cygwin. Having searched the web extensively for some explanation, I
>found a good one and thought that people using cygwin might also be
>rxvt and that they have been able to find a workaround for this issue.
>Running bash with Windows console window:
>$ sqlplus user123/pass@cr2inst1
>SQL> select sysdate from dual;
><works fine ...>
>SQL> ed
><vim opens correctly and allows to edit the buffer ...>
>SQL> /
>SQL> <press 'up arrow' once, the previous command is displayed>
>SQL> /
>Running bash with rxvt:
>$ sqlplus user123/pass@cr2inst1
>SQL > select sysdate from dual;
><works fine ...>
>SQL> ed
><The following is displayed some seconds before vim is launched ...>
>Wrote file C:\temp\sqlplus_temp.sql
>Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal
>Vim: Warning: Input is not from a terminal
><vim is launched but I cannot go to vim control mode when pressing
<ESC> >
>SQL> <press 'up arrow' once, the cursor goes up one line !!!>
>From what I've read so far, it would seem that rxvt does not handle
>correctly terminal operations and that's what is causing these issues.
>I'm interested in knowing whether anyone has ever encountered such
>and whether he has been able to solve the issue (vim not properly
>under sqlplus and the up arrow not functionning correctly) or at least
>found a workaround regarding this issue. Any URL or pointer is most
>As said above, my apologies for the intrusion; please discard this mail
>you feel it's out of context.
>Many thanks,

Nothing is wrong with rxvt; it is _not_ a console window, so console
applications cannot receive input from it (reliably, or in an expected
interactive fashion, anyway).  rxvt talks to Cygwin applications run
from it via pipes, so programs communicating with it need to use pipe
read/write procedures, not console I/O (i.e., they need to flush
buffers and/or not expect data immediately, etc.).  When U run a
/non/-Cygwin application in rxvt, all is OK if the application only
sends data to stdout, which will be flushed when the application
exits, generating the display of data when U expect it, but if the
non-Cygwin application expects input, it will expect it to come from a
console.  U may have noticed that when U launch rxvt, a console window
appears momentarily; this is the console associated with rxvt, which
runs 'hidden' and will not show up on your task bar.  If I'm not
mistaken, that will be where the non-Cygwin program will be requesting
data.  Bottom line - run non-Cygwin interactive console programs in a
console (cmd) window.

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