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Re: rxvt question

Teggy P Veerapen wrote:

> >From what I've read so far, it would seem that rxvt does not handle
> correctly terminal operations and that's what is causing these issues.

No, that's not it at all.  This has nothing to do with any deficiency
with rxvt, which is fully functional in the terminal handling
department.  It has to do with running non-Cygwin programs connected to
a Cygwin pty.  I'm guessing that sqlplus is not a Cygwin program, and
I'm pretty sure you're not using Cygwin's vim because that would never
print something using a filename of the form "c:\anything".  So that's
your real problem.

You'd see the same behavior with a native Windows console if you set
CYGWIN=tty which enables pty emulation always instead of only when
required.  But regardless of what you set CYGWIN, the program being run
will always be connected to a pty when running under rxvt, xterm, over
ssh, invoked from mc or screen, etc.

This issue has been discussed extensively on the mailing list because it
seems to be asked about once every month or two like clockwork.  If you
want the background, read those threads:

If this is the cause of the problem then the solution is simple: use a
Cygwin version of the app or avoid the use of ptys.


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