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Re: fyi - mirror prob

Dave Korn wrote:

>> It's disturbing that the two "" servers aren't in sync.
>> I suspect I'm pulling a bogus image from the alternate mirror. I
>> was getting inconsistent results -- thought it might have been the new
>> setup.exe accessing a different data file.  Very confusing. Sigh.
> I suspect that you're pulling /no/ image at all from the mirror - it may well
> be that the 404 status gets lost and all setup.exe notices is that there are
> zero bytes ("too short") in the result it ends up with.
> Someone could ping the hostmaster(s) I suppose, but I'm inclined to just
> shrug and say "Well, there are plenty of much better mirrors out there than

Reported and, in a while, hopefully corrected:

> Sorry about that.  One of our machines got slightly hung a bit ago and some
> of our syncing processes (since each of the machine syncs independently from
> upstream) hung.  I've kicked the processes and things should be better in an
> hour or so once things catch up.
> - John 'Warthog9' Hawley Admin

Renà Berber

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