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Re: Cygwin tar1.16.1 - stdout/stdin behaviour on windows

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According to kavitha Bhasker -X (kbhasker - Infosys at Cisco) on 7/10/2007
9:49 AM:
> Hi,
> Iam using the Cygwin Tar version 1.16.1 on an Windows NT Server , I have
> the following dll's copied to the same path as the tar.exe
> From cygwin/1.5.24-2 :       cygiconv-2.dll         cygintl-8.dll
> cygwin1.dll

As Larry pointed out, manually copying .dlls like this is unsupported;
this list recommends a proper cygwin installation using setup.exe.  Not to
mention that you should upgrade - I no longer support 1.16.1 on this list,
now that 1.18 is the latest official cygwin version.

> Iam able to run the command : tar --forcelocal -cvf C:\\temp.tar
> C:\\temp successfully.

Define 'successfully'.  You used DOS paths, and backslashes, neither of
which are the cygwin way.  In tar, the : in the file name is treated as a
remote host designator (ie, find the file \temp.tar on the remote host C),
not a drive letter.  And \ is not portable; you should be using /.

tar --forcelocal -cvf /cygdrive/c/temp.tar /cygdrive/temp

> However, am not able to tar -tvf on the file.Just gives blank response.
> I cannot even open the .tar file created using winzip. Says Invalid Tar
> file

winzip is pathetic in its treatment of tar files.  You will have better
luck using tar than winzip for properly extracting files from a tar archive.

> Command 2) Just does not see to like stdin and refuses to extract the
> file to the local directory

probably because you weren't using posix paths.

> Please help.Is there any known issue with cygwin tar and stdout/stdin
> behaviour on windows?

tar works just fine for me under cygwin, when used properly.

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