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Re: dll libraries marked for random execution?

Linda Walsh wrote:

> I'd like to get rid of the "executable" bit being set on files that
> are not really executable.  Besides being bad practice, it also
> creates problems when looking for completion values in the shell.  Seem
> to remember some other issues related to dll's being marked as
> executable, but don't recall what they were off-hand...

I think Dave already answered most of your questions, but in case it's
not clear: everything in /usr/lib is unlinked code in static archives
(or libtool files which are plain text), and hence there is nothing
there that can be executed, and so there should be no need for the
execute bit set on anything in that dir.

Windows requires that shared libraries (=DLLs) be either in the same
directory as the binary (=EXE) or in the PATH.  This is why all shared
libraries are in /usr/bin on Cygwin, whereas on *nix they are in


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