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RE: fyi - mirror prob

On 10 July 2007 19:40, Linda Walsh wrote:

> Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] wrote:
>> it also periodically gave a "message
>> saying it is no longer in the list of Cygwin mirrors", as report
>> for by Renà Berber.
> ---
> 	Is the message that it is no longer in the list of Cygwin mirrors
> from "setup.exe"?  How does it know/Where does it get it's information?

  It compares the live version of with the one it cached in /etc/setup/mirrors-lst last time it was running.

> 	Re firewall ... unlikely, http/ftp are unfiltered.

  Yes, it was pretty clear the moment Renà pointed out that there were two IP addresses behind the name.

> 	It's disturbing that the two "" servers aren't in
> sync.  I suspect I'm pulling a bogus image from the alternate
> mirror. I was getting inconsistent results -- thought it might have been
> the new setup.exe accessing a different data file.  Very confusing. Sigh.

  I suspect that you're pulling /no/ image at all from the mirror - it may well be that the 404 status gets lost and all setup.exe notices is that there are zero bytes ("too short") in the result it ends up with.

  Someone could ping the hostmaster(s) I suppose, but I'm inclined to just shrug and say "Well, there are plenty of much better mirrors out there than".

  (For West European users, I highly recommend the mirror sites at - extremely fast and minimally loaded - and - very comprehensive selection of mirrors.  YMMV!)

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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