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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: screen-4.0.3-1

The package 'screen' is now available in the Cygwin distribution.

screen is a terminal multiplexer and window manager that runs several
separate 'screens' on a single physical character-based terminal.  Each
virtual terminal emulates a DEC VT100 plus several ANSI X3.64 and ISO 2022
functions.  You can create multiple windows with any programs in them, kill
the current window, switch between windows or copy text between them, view a
list of active windows, rename windows, view the scrollback history, etc.
You can detach your session and even log out if you wish; your programs will
keep running, and you can reattach later, maybe when logged in from a
different host.

Home page:
Source URL: 
License:     GPL

screen is marked as 'experimental' in Cygwin for now.  So in the Cygwin
installer you'll have to click on the 'Exp' radio button at the top right in
order to see the package.  I've tested the package quite a bit myself, and
it works fine as far as I can tell, but I want to wait and get a good number
of positive test reports from users before I relabel it as 'current'.

So, if you like screen or have been thinking of trying it, please install
and test it now, and post your test reports, positive or negative, to the
cygwin list.  Please include your OS version and terminal type (DOS, rxvt,
xterm, etc.)  I'm especially interested to know whether (1) detached
sessions can be reattached later without trouble, maybe from a different
terminal type; and (2) when you kill a window (C-a k) or a whole session
(C-a \), the child processes in the killed windows are killed.

screen has been reported to work well inside the following terminals
in Cygwin:


Inside a DOS console, screen works, but in order to be able to reattach
detached sessions, ** you must set "tty" in the CYGWIN environment
variable before you open the console **.  Please see
/usr/share/doc/screen/README.Cygwin for more information about this.

screen may work on Win9x systems, but I can't support it there.  I
don't have access to any Win9x systems for testing, and there's reason
to believe that screen won't work there, since I left out some patches
that were supposed to improve Win9x support.  Those patches were
fairly large, I can't tell if they work, and since Cygwin itself is
dropping support for Win9x, it didn't seem worthwhile to me to include



To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link on
the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to your
system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.

If you have questions or comments, please send them to the Cygwin
mailing list at: .


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