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Re: Cygwin tar1.16.1 - stdout/stdin behaviour on windows

kavitha Bhasker -X (kbhasker - Infosys at Cisco) wrote:
Iam using the Cygwin Tar version 1.16.1 on an Windows NT Server , I have
the following dll's copied to the same path as the tar.exe
From cygwin/1.5.24-2 : cygiconv-2.dll cygintl-8.dll

Copying the Cygwin DLLs to directories other than those to which they
were installed is _highly_ discouraged.  You're using a non-standard
installation which means you're basically "on your own" as far as this
list is concerned.  This list can really only respond to problems with
standard installations, given the shear number of variables in the non-
standard cases.

Iam able to run the command : tar --forcelocal -cvf C:\\temp.tar
C:\\temp successfully.
However, the program I run , needs to do something more complicated like
1) tar -cvf - C:\\temp + Use Maverick J2SSH library to SFTP files from
stdout to stream the tar file to the SFTP location and to later restore the files:
2) Use Maverick J2SSH library to SFTP files to stdin the tar file from
the SFTP location + tar -xv - This works in Linux RH4.0 , when I use the standard /bin/tar . However,
just does not seem to work on Windows using the Cygwin Tar.exe
Command 1) works and am able to see the tar getting created on the SFTP
However, am not able to tar -tvf on the file.Just gives blank response.
I cannot even open the .tar file created using winzip. Says Invalid Tar
Command 2) Just does not see to like stdin and refuses to extract the
file to the local directory
Please help.Is there any known issue with cygwin tar and stdout/stdin
behaviour on windows?

Perhaps trying the same thing with Cygwin ssh/sftp would provide you some

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