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Re: cygwins' emacs does not work in multi-language environment (mule)

I have no touble with multilanguage features with emacs.
I am using: GNU Emacs (i686-pc-cygwin, X toolkit) of 2007-06-17 
This should be the same or nearly the same as cygwins supply new emacs.

I have no problems editing Japanese text with it.

Perhaps you have a font problem or input method problem.  What version emacs?
There's a new "experimental" emacs for cygwin out.

It would be helpfull to here "how it doesn't work" .. For example do you get 
gibberish characters on your screen for a given (which) language, etc.


Ariel Burbaickij <> wrote:

> Hello all,
> follwoing situation: Native (i.e. built for MS platform) emacs with
> mule support works very well,
> the same version of emacs under cygwin does not work in multilanguage
> environment, instead producing just Latin1 input.
> question: How is it possible to enable multi-languaguage support for
> cygwins' emacs?
> /wbr
> Ariel Burbaickij

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