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Re: status of utf-8 patch

<>. Reformatted.

Ariel Burbaickij wrote:
On 7/9/07, Larry Hall (Cygwin) <reply-to-list-only-lh<AT>cygwin<DOT>com> wrote:
<>.  Thanks.

Ariel Burbaickij wrote:
> On 7/9/07, Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Ariel Burbaickij wrote:


>> You'd have to ask SUZUKI Hisao.
 > Yes, my hope is of course that he also reads the mailing list.

Why not just email him directly?  Discussing status and follow-ups to
rejected patches borders on being off-topic for this list, unless
SUZUKI is planning to work through the issues raised by the patch
in the process.
Well, I do not know his e-mail. Do you?

Not off the top of my head, no. But I looked briefly at the email thread Brian kindly provided and, wha la!, I found it. That's why I suggested contacting him directly, in addition to my concern about the relevance for this discussion on this list. Anyway, I suggest you try to reach him directly at suzuki611 at oki dot com.

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A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting annoying in email?

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