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Re: vista rsh problem

On Jul  6 17:47, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jul  5 18:11, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > On Jul  5 18:00, goetz fischer wrote:
> > > Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > > >Another Cygwin box.
> > > >  
> > > not the best test i'd say.
> > 
> > As valid as any other test.  Did you try against a Cygwin box?
> > 
> > > >What about my request of a more detailed problem description instead?
> > > what else should i say? i submitted the cygcheck output and there's 
> > > nothing left to tell.
> > 
> > Too bad.  There would be so much to tell and test, like, say, looking
> > for firewall settings, looking for other software know to interfere with
> > Cygwin (Dave?  Your call!), telling us the OS of the server (given that
> > you think it might be important), and what not.
> > [...]
> So much for useful problem reports.  I tried it with a rsh/rlogin server
> on a RHEL4 machine and I could reproduce the hang.  It turned out that
> it has nothing to do with rsh, but with rlogin.  It has nothing to do
> with Cygwin from CVS, but it also happens with the current 1.5.24 and
> older releases.  It has nothing to do with Vista, it also happens on
> other Windows versions.

Oh and, not to forget, it only happens when running against the PAM
enabled version of rlogin in Linux.  When disabling PAM for rlogin on
the server, everything works fine.  In this case the authentication
isn't done by the PAM functions linked to rlogin, but by starting
login(1) on the remote side, same as on Cygwin.


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