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Re: Installing an old version of a package

On Fri, 6 Jul 2007, Patrcik Strasser wrote:

> Hello!
> I try to get python2.4 installed in my cygwin system, with no success.
> I need python2.4, my package (GNU Radio) does not work well with python2.5. I
> followed the directions at
> and got an old package from
> Now I'n not quite shure how to install this package. I put it in my local
> package directory in the same directory as the current version (some 2.5.x),
> but I could not select it in the package list of setup.exe.

Yes, because the setup.ini file does not list 2.4 as either 'prev',
'curr', or 'exp'.  Those are the only three versions you can select in
setup.exe when installing from the internet.

> Of course I could untar the file and put the files by hand in place, but
> I guess all the post-inst-script magic is missing then and I'll get in
> big trouble.

Correct.  You can, theoretically, just run the postinstall scripts
manually, but there is a better way.

> Can anyone give me a hint how to install this package in a cygwin style?
> Any command line tool like dpkg or rpm for this?

No command-line tools[*], but you can do the following:

1) Download the package to some subdirectory of your Cygwin package cache
directory, e.g., C:\install\Cygwin\custom.
2) Setup should be smart enough to infer the version, but, just to make
sure, you can create a custom setup.ini with that one package in it,
setting 'curr' to the version you want (i.e., 2.4).  See
<> for an example of
such a setup.ini (except you'd need one with a "python" package).
3) Tell setup to "Install from local directory".  That should let you
select 2.4, and setup will install it.

[*] You can also run setup in unattended mode (as described in the above
link), but it may require more elaborate manipulation of setup.ini.
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