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Re: Problem with setup.exe

David Kastrup a écrit :
cuicui <> writes:

David Kastrup a écrit :

I have downloaded and non-installed a number of packages. Now I call setup.exe in a batch file with

setup -n -N -d -A -L -q -R %CYGWIN_HOME%

and this works in that it installs what is cached in the local directory, but!!! just the default minimal selection, not what I have additionally selected and fetched using setup.exe.

Since this is part of an automated installation procedure, this is quite a nuisance. Is there any way to tell setup.exe what else to install when it _is_ already cached?

Just add a "virtual" package in your setup.ini in the "Base" category that depends on the packages you need.

I think there is no way to tell Cygwin to install "every packages in the local directory" on the command-line mode.

Be careful, the setup.ini is erased with a fresh one each time you
launch "install from internet".

Ok, I'll try to see whether I get this done. Basically, is there a problem with creating a complete fake setup.ini that just lists every
package I have downloaded as belonging to category Base, with no dependencies?

Switching the packages you need to the "Base" category should work.

If it will get overwritten when installing from internet, there would
 not seem to be much of a problem, right?

Yes, but you'll have to create the "fake" setup.ini from the original one each time you download packages from internet...

I don't know what's you goal exactly, in my case, i create a fake/light
setup.ini to maintain Cygwin on 250+ windows boxes in my university.


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