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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Setup.exe updated to version 2.573.2.2

On Tue, 3 Jul 2007, fergus wrote:

> > Knowing setup.exe as I do, I'm guessing (and this is only a guess)
> > that you start setup on the system and manually specify the system
> > root to be the root of your unmounted filesystem instead of the
> > default 'C:\cygwin'.
> You're absolutely right. My system is located at h:/ where h: is a
> mobile USB drive. Typically I run setup with the drive unmounted and so
> I have to type
> 	h:\
> to replace the default offering
> 	C:\cygwin
> and put up with the warnings about the dangers of locating Cygwin at the
> root directory.
> > The old setup would first mount the filesystem, then go into
> > /etc/setup on that filesystem to extract installed package
> > information, while the new setup fails to do so.
> Again, absolutely right (though I don't know whether here you are
> describing behaviour or still guessing it).

Guessing.  I'm just trying to ascertain what your symptoms are.

> It's the difference between what old setup used to do, and what new
> setup now fails to do, that has generated my post. Are you saying "Yup,
> the behaviour has changed"?

You're saying the behavior has changed.  I'm saying I'm not aware of such
a change, and my guess would be that if it happened, it wasn't

I was going to suggest that you could help narrow it down by trying the
different setup snapshots (at <>) to see
which one introduced this behavior, but all snapshots prior to 2.573.2.2
seem to be gone.  Oh, well...

> If so, at least we agree that it has, and it sounds as though you know
> the reason why (which distinguishes you from me).

I don't know the reason, but I do have more experience debugging setup.
I'm trying to ascertain that I can reproduce the problem, so that I can
debug it and find the reason.

> > You also do not provide any details about the permissions of
> > /etc/setup and the files in it on that filesystem with
> > respect to the users on the machine that's running setup.exe.
> The H: drive is FAT32 and I have never had any permissions issues to
> contend with.

That's one bit of information.  All my systems use NTFS.

> > It would be great if you could reproduce this issue with a stock
> > Cygwin system after "umount -A" (which would allow setup developers
> > to do likewise). If not, there must be more variables in play here.
> Well, it sounds to me as though you have run the following experiment on
> a stock Cygwin system (by "stock" do you mean one mounted at
> c:\Cygwin?): (i) deliberately unmount it; (ii) run the new setup; (iii)
> come up against no problems. Is that the case?

Yes, it is.  I ran "umount -A" on a stock system; downloaded
setup-2.573.2.2 from the Cygwin site, and ran "Install from local
directory".  Setup then successfully recreated the mounts for me.

However, that wasn't why I asked this.  I asked was whether you could make
a stock Cygwin system on *your* machine and reproduce the issue, just to
figure out if this is an issue in setup because of the non-default
Cygwin location, or there are other things different about your system.

> Which leaves me high and dry because my system is not stock? Ouch, it's
> worked like a dream for literally years, since I first ran Cygwin off a
> portable CD. Annoying to have lost this flexibility, just because setup
> has been updated.

Well, let's not panic and try to get to the bottom of the issue instead.
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