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Re: ping Unison users: abandon versions 2.9.1-2.12.0 ?

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Andrew Schulman wrote:
> Unison users on Cygwin:
> I'm preparing a new unison2.27 package, to be released shortly. As I do
> that, I'm looking over the old Unison packages in Cygwin:
> unison2.9.1
> unison2.9.20
> unison2.10.2
> unison2.12.0
> unison2.13
> unison2.17
> and I'm thinking that it's time for me to abandon the first four of these,
> up to and including unison2.12.0.  If I do that, those packages will be
> removed from the Cygwin archives, unless someone else takes them over, which
> is unlikely.  My reasoning is as follows:
> * Linux distros have all moved on to later versions.  Fedora, SuSE, and even
> Debian stable (a good laggard for comparison) all use version 2.13.16
> * Older versions aren't maintained upstream.  Bug fixes go into the new
> versions.  With most software projects that means you just upgrade to the
> newer version, but with Unison this is harder to do because you need to have
> matching versions on the client and server.
> * Maintenance overhead for me.  There aren't any upstream updates to these
> versions any more, but the Cygwin README files (at least in their current
> form) in all Unison versions have to be updated, and so a new Cygwin package
> update released, every time I add a new unison* package.
> At some point, those old versions will become so old that essentially no one
> is using them any more.  I'm guessing that that has already happened with
> 2.9.1 and 2.9.20 (which had a lot of bugs that were fixed in later
> versions), and probably also with 2.10.2 and 2.12.0.
> However, I want to be careful removing packages because I don't want to
> strand any users without whatever version they need to connect with their
> server.  Of course, anyone with an older version already installed would
> still be able to use it, but you wouldn't be able to install them any more.
> So my question to you is:  Is anyone still using any of the unison2.9.1,
> unison2.9.20, unison2.10.2, or unison2.12.0 packages in Cygwin?  If so,
> which OS or distro are you connecting to, that's still using the old
> versions?  Is an upgrade to a later version of unison available on that
> platform?
> If I don't hear clearly that someone still needs these old versions of
> Unison, then I'm going to abandon them and they'll go away from Cygwin.
> Thanks,
> Andrew.
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I am _not_ the maintainer, but 2.9.1 is the only version I have that
will talk to a current development machine -- a current debian machine too.

Maybe we should release 2.27 as an ahead package -- or a seperate one
that RENAMES the old ones to 'unison-versionname' so that when the newer
version is used to try and talk to the old one, the side the user is on
will fall back to the old version...

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