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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Setup.exe updated to version 2.573.2.2

> Knowing setup.exe as I do, I'm guessing (and this is only a guess)
> that you start setup on the system and manually specify the system
> root to be the root of your unmounted filesystem instead of the
> default 'C:\cygwin'.

You're absolutely right. My system is located at h:/ where h: is a mobile USB drive. Typically I run setup with the drive unmounted and so I have to type
to replace the default offering
and put up with the warnings about the dangers of locating Cygwin at the root directory.

> The old setup would first mount the filesystem, then go into
> /etc/setup on that filesystem to extract installed package
> information, while the new setup fails to do so.

Again, absolutely right (though I don't know whether here you are describing behaviour or still guessing it). It's the difference between what old setup used to do, and what new setup now fails to do, that has generated my post. Are you saying "Yup, the behaviour has changed"? If so, at least we agree that it has, and it sounds as though you know the reason why (which distinguishes you from me).

> You also do not provide any details about the permissions of
> /etc/setup and the files in it on that filesystem with
> respect to the users on the machine that's running setup.exe.

The H: drive is FAT32 and I have never had any permissions issues to contend with.

> It would be great if you could reproduce this issue with a stock
> Cygwin system after "umount -A" (which would allow setup developers
> to do likewise). If not, there must be more variables in play here.

Well, it sounds to me as though you have run the following experiment on a stock Cygwin system (by "stock" do you mean one mounted at c:\Cygwin?): (i) deliberately unmount it; (ii) run the new setup; (iii) come up against no problems. Is that the case? Which leaves me high and dry because my system is not stock? Ouch, it's worked like a dream for literally years, since I first ran Cygwin off a portable CD. Annoying to have lost this flexibility, just because setup has been updated.


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