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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Setup.exe updated to version 2.573.2.2

I've updated the version of setup.exe at <>
to version 2.573.2.2.  This version incorporates a number of bug fixes and new
features, as listed below.

 - Fix crash when trying to MD5 a non-existant package file that failed to

 - Don't append a trailing slash to local package directory location if it
   already has one, or it ends in a backslash.

 - Be more robust in falling back to setup.ini if setup.bz2 doesn't exist
   or appears to be corrupt.

 - Fix crashes and improve specificity of error messages when encountering
   an .ini file parse error.  Make progress meter active during parsing of a
   bz2-compressed .ini file.

 - At the last install step, inform the user of success/failure at the bottom
   of the main panel instead of with an annoying message box popup.

 - Fix bug that caused a wrong version of a source package to be selected
   in some cases due to erroniously comparing versions as text instead of

 - Gracefully handle the case where two packages contain a postinstall script
   of the same name.

 - Allow interactively retrying to replace open files.

 - Create Cygwin.bat with upper-case C to make filename TAB completion of
   /cygdrive more convenient.

 - Fix unreadable chooser page due to bad background colour problem.

 - Make categories named with an initial "." default to expanded display.

 - Fix a class of crashes due to poor string handling.  Remove use of custom
   String class in favor of std::string.

 - Update DNS names to preferred forms: and

 - Handle dropped mirrors elegantly.

 - Fix incorrect logging of postinstall script success/failure.

 - Provide indication of site that a file is being downloaded from.

 - Fix command line options to override cached selections.

 - Sort the mirrors list by logical structure of DNS names.

 - Do not attempt to reopen a missing package database on initial install.

 - Cache mirror list and use local copy if server unavailable.

 - Slightly improve logged error messages.

 - Run postinstall scripts in dependency order.

 - Fix problem of FTP connections timing out and not being retried.

 - Change checkbox label to "Hide obsolete packages" and add tooltip that
   explains in more detail what it does.

 - Set tooltip timeout delay to 30 seconds.

 - Fix problem of text and icons using white background instead of user's
   selected color.


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