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Re: Preparing for a new computer

Bob McConnell <rvm <at> CBORD dot com> writes:
> What this boils down to is that /bin, /doc, /etc, /lib and /usr should
> be on drive D, but /home, /tmp, /var and /usr/local should be on E. (Or
> should /etc also be on E?) I know that Microsoft's half-baked systems do
> not have anything useful like links, either hard or soft, so this
> becomes a problem. Is there any way to set Cygwin up to fit this
> partition scheme?

Install cygwin to D.  Create a cygwin directory on E and then use "mount"
to map e:\cygwin\tmp to /tmp and so on.

> In addition, I need to set up bash so that it has more reasonable home,
> library and path settings. I would like to ignore all of the Microsoft
> paths and substitute pure Unix styles, preferably some that match my
> Slackware systems at home. That would certainly help reduce the
> confusion I feel every Monday morning. Is this even possible?

I assume you are talking about environment variable settings?
My HOME (/home/richardson) and PATH (/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin plus
others) have only Unix style paths, so yes this is possible.  I have 
paths like /cygdrive/e/WINDOWS in PATH also.  I think those are necessary
so that certain dll's can be found.  I've never found differences in
PATH to be confusing though, so maybe I misunderstand your question?

Tony Richardson

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