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Re: Looking for man pages

On Jun 28 15:42, Brian Dessent wrote:
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > If you could
> > check it in to the branch and generate new web docs from there, I'd be
> > very glad.
> Done.  It should be live on the website now too.  Let me know if there's
> anything that looks off.

Thanks for doing this!

Looks pretty good.  Just the resolver functions res_XXX should
be moved back to the BSD section with the note

  (available in external "libminires" library)

> By the way I think we should remove this cruft from the
> file:
>     <revhistory>
>       <revision>
> 	<revnumber>0.0</revnumber>
> 	<date>1998-08-31</date>
> 	<authorinitials>dj</authorinitials>
> 	<revremark>Initial revision</revremark>
>       </revision>
>       <revision>
> 	<revnumber>0.5.0</revnumber>
> 	<date>1998-12-17</date>
> 	<authorinitials>noer</authorinitials>
> 	<revremark>Add pthread, sem calls.  Change revnumber to
> 	three-part number: Cygwin API major, Cygwin API minor, Doc rev
> 	number.  Starts out at 0.5.0.</revremark>
>       </revision>
>     </revhistory>
>   </bookinfo>

Oh, yes, you're right.  I applied a patch to CVS HEAD which not only
removes the revhistory but also the authorgroup from
One authorgroup in should cover for everything, I
think.  I also added Joshua Daniel Franklin to the authorgroup in, removed the revhistory there and added some dates to


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