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Re: Version mismatch error

"Larry Hall (Cygwin)" <> wrote:
> Look again.  Concentrate on the areas that recently changed, like the
> software above that you just installed.  

Well I will be dipped.  I was going to say that neither EAC or LAME could 
have messed me up, because they were both simple "unzip this into a 
directory" installs with no Windows installer, no registry hacks, etc.  But now 
that I look closer, EAC has a cygwin1.dll in it!!  

(Why in blazes didn't the Explorer find it??  If I search only in Program Files it 
finds the EAC DLL, but if I search all of C: it only finds the one in \cygwin\bin 
!?!?  Sure wish I could have done a good ol' reliable Unix / Cygwin "find" for 
it, but, uh, it didn't work...)

Interestingly enough, a more careful search turned up TWO cygwin1.dll's.  
The other one is in a server process that runs all the time.  Apparently it had 
the same version as my \cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll.

So should I replace the 1.5.12 DLL in EAC with the 1.5.24-cr-0x5f1 version in 
c:\cygwin\bin that I just updated?

> Also keep in mind that Windows, by default, likes to hide extensions
> (in the explorer shell) and system files by default.  If you haven't
> done so already, turn these options off in the Windows explorer. 

That's one of the first things I do when I install a system.  I hate software that 
tries to "protect" me like that.  

> Start 'setup.exe', choose a mirror, "Next" until you can't "Next" no
> more. I know.  It's allot of work.  But you can do it! ;-) 

I dunno man, I think you've exceeded my technical abilities...  :-)


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