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Version mismatch error

My Cygwin installation has been working just fine for many months.? Today it
suddenly stopped working, with the dreaded "system shared memory version
mismatch detected" error.?

I installed a copy of Exact Audio Copy and LAME today, so possibly one of
those triggered it??

I followed the instructions in the error message, and deleted all copies of
cygwin1.dll except the one in C:\cygwin\bin.? (The only other ones were
basically backup copies.? They had been there for ages and AFAIK were not
involved in the problem.)? I then rebooted and tried again.? Didn't help.?

I dug around with Google, looked in the FAQ, etc, and removing extra
cygwin1.dll's & rebooting is all anybody suggests.? If that doesn't help, what
do I do next??

I would like to just do an "update everything to current release" with
setup.exe, but I don't see any way to do that.? What's the right way to update
all installed packages??

(I just found the gmane newsgroups.? Can't post to them with NNTP or, and I haven't figured out yet how to get on the cygwin ML.
Please cc me at fritz at frii dot com.)


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