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RE: Looking for man pages

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> [] On Behalf Of Brian Dessent
> Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 4:48 PM
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> Subject: Re: Looking for man pages
> Bob McConnell wrote:
> > OK, so the first step is to convert the SUS HTML into a more usable
> > format. Or do they already make the source files available? 
> Then verify
> > and add details to the compatibility list, and finally apply the
> > differences defined to the files from step one. Only the second and
> > third steps require manual work. Only the second requires a lot of
> > knowledge about your implementation, and it should be done 
> after each
> > significant update anyway.
> There is a download link at the bottom of the page:
> <>.
> But I think you're missing the fact that the license of this 
> standard is
> fairly restrictive:
> <
> >.  You're
> allowed to view the standard online from their site in HTML or PDF
> format, or download a personal copy for offline viewing, but that's
> about it.  You're not allowed to distribute your own copies of it, or
> convert it to any other format and distribute copies of that, 
> and so on.
> I believe that one or more Linux distributions successfully 
> lobbied the
> Open Group for a special exemption to the license so that they could
> include a copy in their distro, but obviously that's not of use to us
> since we're not a Linux distro.
> Brian

Ouch. I hadn't see that. Which would explain why Corinna wanted to use
the TLDP version instead. But that adds the step of having to remove the
Linux differences first, a significantly larger project. I will take a
look at that.


Bob McConnell

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